We maintain and improve office and production facilities for many of the most prestigious and well-known Agri-foods companies. We understand the critical importance of productivity, quality and competitiveness in this sector and we work in close partnership with our clients to enable them to excel in these areas.

Our extensive cleaning experience enables us to successfully introduce best practice methodologies to capture more gross debris which substantially reduces effluent discharge costs for clients. We have a proven track record of introducing efficient cleaning procedures and technologies which deliver impressive water and energy savings for clients. We design and deliver highly efficient solutions and our services are delivered by well-trained and motivated staff working under the direction of experienced and dedicated managers. We work intelligently and with determination to minimise our cleaning time and return our clients’ factories to production as soon as possible. Our technical support services teams are trained to maintain and repair agri-foods sector assets. Our engineers and technicians ensure our clients’ assets perform reliably and optimally at the lowest life-cycle cost. Our maintenance programmes reduce our clients’ operating costs and increase asset up-time. In this way we have delivered significant productivity yields for clients.

To deliver outstanding value and service quality, we recruit, develop and retain passionate and committed service professionals to deliver our services. For each contract we select a team of individuals with the right expertise, experience and skills to perform successfully for our clients.
We train our service delivery teams in a range of sector specific competencies such as:
• Best-in-class Methodology
• Chemical Handling Awareness
• Food Hygiene Level 2
• Health & Safety (Manual Handling, First Aid etc)
• Environmental awareness & energy efficiency
• Site specific requirements

We appoint highly experienced and expert managers to provide a convenient single point of contact for all our service lines. Our professional managers focus on enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the services we provide for clients. Our management teams have a long history of developing, engaging and maximising employee performance while delivering excellent standards of service to clients. We provide our Agri-foods clients with the support they need to focus on their core objectives; product quality, production levels and business growth.

Our strong management and robust auditing and reporting processes ensure our clients sites are fully compliant with BRC global standards. With our support our clients are always ready to meet the most stringent external and internal audits.